Cuba - March 2016
  Ellis Island
  Cuba - December 2016

I am an obsessive photographer 24/7.  While I was always interested in photography, it was the introduction of digital that really catapulted my passion to become an obsession. It is if I have a need to photograph and I now always carry a camera. As a self described “techno geek”, digital allowed both my right and left brain to work together and allowed me to express myself photographically. I was no longer bound by the limitations of a commercial lab.

As I realized that I needed to improve my ability to express myself through image making, I searched to study with mentors who would push me. I have had the privilege to study and become friends with Jay Maisel, Seth Resnick, Katrin Eismann, Vincent Versace, John Paul Caponigro and Michael Freeman. Their generosity has been invaluable to me.

I am not an elegant wordsmith nor am I comfortable expounding in words, what my images mean. As Jay Maisel states, all images are about light, color and gesture. I try to prepare myself to be surprised as to what I see and to be open to the experience of what affects me. By coming to a scene without any preconceived notions I can then react and better express myself through my images and not words.